Планировка офиса

Office layout

We continue to talk about approaches to the planning of the office. ⠀

📎 European office option ⠀
This is the same open space, but with one difference. There is an abundance of isolated spaces organized according to the cabinet type. The layout of the office space provides for a variety of rooms in terms of functionality, including a meeting room, a relaxation room, and structural units. For the design of a modern European-style office, they choose the appropriate interior solutions in the spirit of hi-tech, minimalism, futurism. ⠀

🏮 Japanese version ⠀
The Japanese differ in their approach to design quite ⠀
radically. Their design approach is based entirely on hierarchical principles. However, such a specific vision of the interior does not prevent it from remaining highly functional. In this case, the area of the working space is directly proportional to the position occupied by the employee. The management link is located in the center of the hall. Its representatives always sit facing subordinates. For complete control of employees, the design of a modern office does not provide for any isolation of personal space using partitions. ⠀

🌺 Decor is not alien to the interior of such an office. A characteristic feature of the European-organized space is the engraving of doors and reception desks, as well as the presence of monofunctional and ergonomic furniture in the office. Contrasting solutions are not typical for minimalist interior design of the office, but the clarity of lines and shapes is in favor. ⠀

🏢 High-tech style in which there is a lot of glass and metal. The decor can be a wall painting in the form of parallel lines, combined with some details of the corporate identity. But minimalism, although it shies away from any decor, will allow you to experiment from the heart with the color scheme of the office ⠀

❓Tell about a few more options ⠀
office space layouts?

Офисное пространство

Office Space: Organization Options ⠀

Office Space: Organization Options ⠀

💡 Office is the think tank of your company. And how should everything be arranged in the brain? Right! Everything is in place and in order! After all, it is here that brilliant ideas and creative solutions arise! But in order for these processes to proceed easily, it is necessary to create optimal conditions through the organization of office space. To date, three options for their design are used: ⠀
- Open space (came to us from America) ⠀
- European style ⠀
- Japanese style ⠀

🗃 Open Space ⠀
American-style open offices appeared here not so long ago, but have already managed to gain many fans and are quite actively crowding out the usual planning system. The principle of its organization implies the presence of all employees, including management, in one spacious hall. No doors, interior walls or corridors. In the interior design of the office, mobile and transformable partitions are actively used. With their help, the personal space of each employee is allocated ⠀

🔲 Another interesting feature of open spaces is minimalism in furniture. Almost do not use decor (in the classical sense), only logos and company attributes of the company. The general style of the office is in corporate colors .⠀

🔲 The head’s office is not often designed differently, but they try to make it separate. When planning an office space, this part can be separated into a separate office or securely fenced off from the rest of the area, for example, hiding behind blinds. ⠀

🔗 With this approach to the organization of the office, optimal air conditioning and lighting is provided. And also people who are focused on solving certain problems can freely discuss working moments. ⠀

🗄 Employees are not always seated at separate tables. Sometimes their workplace becomes one table. This office furniture can have the most unpredictable configuration. Storage systems represent modules. Other furnishings are also lightweight and mobile. Examples of such interiors can be seen in banks. ⠀

▶ In the next posts we will talk about the European and Japanese planning system!

Зонирование офиса

Office zoning secrets

What zone is what the office is responsible for? ⠀

Reception ⠀ ⠀
Presentation area of a company that talks about ⠀
corporate values of the company. It should cause purely positive emotions for all visitors. It is advisable not to use any partitions and racks - so the appearance of the reception is much more layout. The role of barriers can perfectly fulfill the overall plants in tubs and streamlined tables. Take care ⠀
about the comfort of visitors and create a cozy waiting area, furnishing it with comfortable upholstered furniture. ⠀
👥 Conference room ⠀⠀
The meeting room should be spacious and roomy. The interior design here is elegant rigor. In the conference room, nothing should distract from the issues under discussion. The center of the interior composition will be a meeting table. This piece of furniture in the office should be of a respectable design and large. It is desirable that the design does not have corners. This will exclude the possibility of someone dominating their conversations, which is quite possible at a traditionally rectangular table. ⠀
👤 Chief's office ⠀ ⠀
Since business etiquette allows the manager to receive VIPs not in the conference room, but in his own office, then in his planning it is necessary to provide a corner where there would be the opportunity to talk “on equal terms”. Accepting important customers while sitting at the desk, even if of a luxurious appearance, is bad manners. ⠀
🔶 Want the correct zoning in the office? ⠀⠀

Дизайн офиса

Modern office design

Modern office design. ⠀
💼 A properly designed office will delight the aesthetics of the workspace, which will contribute to the dedicated work of employees and the loyalty of perception by potential customers. ⠀
The unique design itself tells what the company specializes in and will create the correct perception of the features of the business style. An office interior may reflect the organization’s specialization. ⠀
❔ So, where does the organization of office space begin? ⠀
First of all, with the understanding that the interests of three categories of people should be taken into account in it: ⠀
1. Customers ⠀
2. Workers ⠀
3. Guides ⠀
All these zones can be designed in the same style, but with an individual approach to each design. It is strongly discouraged to mix these spaces - this will violate the cyclical nature of the work, which in turn will affect the success of the enterprise as a whole. The layout and design of a modern office should focus not only on presentability, but also on comfort. ⠀
🏡 What are some tricks to associate a workplace with a “second home”? There is no particular difficulty. It is enough to take care of employees, and in addition to the conference hall, reception and well-arranged workplace, organize: ⠀
🔸 Place of emotional discharge ⠀
🔸 The wardroom, which acts as a kitchen-dining room (if there is no cafeteria in the building) ⠀
🔸 You can please top managers with individual offices ⠀
All issues of office space planning are resolved at the design stage. ⠀

Дизайн магазина

Store design. Part 2

Store design. Part 2. Men's store. ⠀
For men, going to the store is more of a responsibility. "Time to buy things." They have no desire to disappear there for hours. This fact dictates the specifics of boutique design. ⠀
🔑 Their environment should be concise, and the goods in them should be conveniently displayed and accessible for viewing. For decoration, it is better to choose something from strict respectable, but elegant styles. Clarity of lines and natural colors of leather and wood are a priority. ⠀
🏺 Elements that add completeness to the decor are a very important detail. Trading equipment is chosen in a classic design. ⠀
The psychological perception of the store interior will be greatly influenced by the color scheme. In the design of a clothing store for a male audience, it is recommended to choose neutral shades. Too bright wallpaper will be bad manners. ⠀
🚪 Customers will certainly appreciate the facade, the type of sign and the central exposition deployed in the hot zone. What is acceptable in the design of a women's clothing store, in the case of men, can only cause irritation. They are not ready to shovel tightly mounted T-shirts and look for a suitable model among the mountains of pants. ⠀
🔸 Everything should be distributed freely and rationally, preferably in accordance with size ranges and stylistic decisions. If this is not observed, then most likely the buyer will go looking for a more comfortable place for shopping. ⠀
🔶 Well, so that the buyer does not leave - contact us @proff_project

Дизайн магазина

Score. Design features

Buyers should shop, not admire the original design of the store. ⠀
✅ The main thing in the design of the store: to prevent the dominance of interior decoration over the presented product range. In other words, shoppers should shop, not admire the store’s original design. Your point of sale should be simple and minimalistic. An exception is only a children's clothing store, its specificity prevails in it. ⠀
✅ Zoning - the main secrets. ⠀
Specialists distinguish between two types of zones in stores - cold and hot. ⠀

🔥 Hot zone: places opposite the entrance and the center of the room. The optimal space for the sale of popular products, because they are in maximum visual accessibility. ⠀
❄ Cold zone: Corners, space near the entrance, shelves against the walls. Used under: ⠀
- products of point demand ⠀
- advertising ⠀
- exhibition of mannequins ⠀
- information stands ⠀
- cash angles ⠀
- discount racks ⠀
🌄 Background selection ⠀
The color palette of the boutique should be in harmony with the style of the product. If this is a department of business clothes, then it is ideal to do in gray tones. In the area of everyday dresses, pink-blue symbiosis diluted with brown colors looks great. But in the sports department, you can use more juicy decor options. It is important to maintain balance and not make the design too catchy. Buyers ’attention should not be scattered. ⠀
In the next post, we will talk about a few more important elements of the store’s designer decoration. ⠀
🛎 Well, if you need a consultation, which design is right for your area, then call! ⠀

тепловой насос

The advantages of a heat pump

An alternative source of energy as a means of reducing costs

Heat pump - what is it?

🔴 A heat or geothermal pump collects heat from the environment, converts it using refrigerant, and delivers it to the home heating system.

A pump can draw heat from three sources:
💨 Air
💧 Water
🌰 Soil

In Russia, only two of them are interesting: water and soil.

🔋 The location of the supply circuit can be horizontal or vertical (see images 1 and 2). The length (in the second case, depth) of the circuit depends on the dimensions of the heated room and the power of the pump.

✅ The main advantage of the heat pump is its high efficiency; for every kilowatt of electricity consumed, it gives about 4 kW of heat. Plus, no physical effort in the process, no waste and carbon monoxide.

When exactly do you need?

🔸 The system is mandatory for installation if you do not have a gas line or if you want to save on its connection (Favorable)
🔸 Modern models are impulse, do not work continuously, but turn on if necessary. This reduces the number of working hours per season and energy costs.

Коллектив компании

Company team

The team of the company "Seven High-Rise" @proff_project these are professionals who have the necessary specialized education and many years of experience. ⠀

💼 Competent managers ⠀
⚙ Staff of upscale engineers ⠀
📐 Designers ⠀
👷 Designers and construction workers ⠀

Most of our employees have international experience in the construction industry, which allows our company to meet the highest standards and adhere to all the latest trends in the construction industry. ⠀

🏆 Expertise of a team of specialists @proff_project For already 8 years, a recognized standard of quality work. ⠀

Seven High Rises - trust us! ⠀