Энергосберегающий дом

We make energy-efficient homes

And energy-efficient homes save you energy costs. Reducing monthly consumption by 4-5 times. It's profitable.
In addition, due to 20 years of experience in the construction of houses and cottages, we have a lot of our own modifications of energy-saving technologies.


How do we make such houses?

- UWB foundation (we can do it even with a large square basement, we have seriously supplemented this technology)
- Water floor heating system
- Heat pump system
- Walls without cold bridges
- Finnish double-glazed windows
- A roof with a thickness of insulation of at least 400 mm (subject to all ventilation gaps)


What else?

We design / calculate / consult / visualize


Our Opportunities - Your Opportunities

The high level of the reinforced concrete work that we are doing has already moved into the rank of art. That is why they want to work with us, and that is why a number of organizations want to see us in their partners. But we have enough of our structural divisions to carry out all the necessary tasks to create an energy-saving home. Your dream home, which is always fresh, warm and comfortable.