Дизайн офиса

Modern office design

Modern office design. ⠀
💼 A properly designed office will delight the aesthetics of the workspace, which will contribute to the dedicated work of employees and the loyalty of perception by potential customers. ⠀
The unique design itself tells what the company specializes in and will create the correct perception of the features of the business style. An office interior may reflect the organization’s specialization. ⠀
❔ So, where does the organization of office space begin? ⠀
First of all, with the understanding that the interests of three categories of people should be taken into account in it: ⠀
1. Customers ⠀
2. Workers ⠀
3. Guides ⠀
All these zones can be designed in the same style, but with an individual approach to each design. It is strongly discouraged to mix these spaces - this will violate the cyclical nature of the work, which in turn will affect the success of the enterprise as a whole. The layout and design of a modern office should focus not only on presentability, but also on comfort. ⠀
🏡 What are some tricks to associate a workplace with a “second home”? There is no particular difficulty. It is enough to take care of employees, and in addition to the conference hall, reception and well-arranged workplace, organize: ⠀
🔸 Place of emotional discharge ⠀
🔸 The wardroom, which acts as a kitchen-dining room (if there is no cafeteria in the building) ⠀
🔸 You can please top managers with individual offices ⠀
All issues of office space planning are resolved at the design stage. ⠀

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