Офисная мебель

Office furniture

Office furniture is one of the most important components of any office space. It can complement the overall design decision of the office, and if it is chosen poorly, furniture can destroy the impression of any arbitrarily beautiful interior. In a modern office, furniture is not so much an element of decor as a tool that serves the effective work of the company. All criteria of durability, functionality, flexibility and aesthetics apply to furniture to the same (if not more) extent as to partitions, floor coverings, ceilings and lighting equipment. ⠀

🗄 Jobs. ⠀

The main items of office furniture are a table, a work chair and a wardrobe. Over the past half century, these basic elements have undergone a number of significant changes related to the improvement of office equipment, information and communication technologies and the emergence of new organizational structures. ⠀

📈 Workplace development over the past 50 years. ⠀

In the 1950s, typewriters were still rare in Europe and were used in turn. For this, a separate table was intended. Since the mid-50s, typewriters have become cheaper, more accessible and widespread. Thus, the process of creating jobs consisting of several zones began. Until then, the employee needed a mostly rectangular paper desk. With the proliferation of typewriters, the table is complemented by a side table (usually a shorter height) designed to work on this new equipment. ⠀

🗣 Due to the increasing importance of meetings and discussions, the desktop is further expanded due to the addition of segments designed for communication. At the end of the 70s, computer terminals appeared in offices. This allowed the installation of countertops at the same height. At the same time, there was a need to lay electrical wires in furniture. The furniture industry is beginning to attach great importance to ergonomic issues, which include workplace design, office planning, lighting, ergonomic chairs, etc. ⠀

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