Оформление ресторана

Restaurant decoration

Layout and layout ⠀

There are rules, adhering to which, you can make the most optimal use of a room designed for a restaurant, but you understand perfectly well that it is impossible to foresee everything. And of course, rules cannot be dogma. The atmosphere of your restaurant should correspond to the special menu that you are going to offer visitors. Do not forget that: It all starts with the menu, and not with the interior design. Before discussing with the designer the problems associated with the layout of the restaurant, it is necessary that he have a good idea of what you have in mind and understand what is required of him. Of course, he does not have to understand marketing, be able to make a menu and choose the type of service, know the technology of cooking, but he must have complete information about this. ⠀

📋 The list of necessary information includes: ⠀

🔸 characteristic of the local restaurant market ⠀
🔸 restaurant hours ⠀
🔸 customer category ⠀
🔸 menu type ⠀
🔸 service style ⠀
🔸 number of seats ⠀
🔸 customer flow (restaurant patency) ⠀
🔸 average number of guest groups ⠀
🔸 fluctuations in demand (daily, weekly, seasonal) ⠀
🔸 cooking technology ⠀
🔸 bar (will it serve guests) ⠀
🔸 details of service stations ⠀
🔸 functions of manager, head waiter, cashier ⠀
🔸 level of purchases Food & Beverage ⠀
🔸 number of staff ⠀
🔸 average estimated expenses for interior decoration ⠀
🔸 economic forecasts ⠀
🔸 estimate ⠀

Based on this data, you have to discuss four main topics with the designer: ⠀

✅ interior ⠀
✅ optimal layout ⠀
✅ prompt service ⠀
✅ appearance ⠀

When designing a restaurant, one should not proceed from the aesthetic views of the designer or, even worse, the owner of the restaurant: it is necessary to be based solely on logical requirements and gastronomic features. ⠀

❗ Your duty is to guarantee your guests comfort and peace, and to your employees - freedom of movement necessary for the successful completion of the work. ⠀

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