Partition Functions

We propose to distinguish between corridor and inter-office partitions. They have different purposes, and, accordingly, a different design solution is possible. ⠀

👣 Corridor partition. ⠀

Corridor partitions separate rooms from the main communications in the building. To revitalize the space, measures such as “borrowed light” are sometimes used: glazing the upper part of the walls, using doors with glazing or glass side panels. Although these measures contribute to getting a small amount of natural light into the corridor, they do not achieve the main goal - filling the entire floor space with energy. This goal can only be achieved by using fully glazed partitions. ⠀

The importance of natural light for humans is that, unlike always the same artificial light, it is constantly changing, thereby stimulating various functions of the human body. More important is visual communication with the outside world. Most of us will prefer a window seat - whether on a plane, train or in the office. The problem of "walled up" corridors is not so much the lack of daylight, but the anonymity of space and the lack of information about the environment. ⠀

Transparent partitions have a big impact on the efficiency of the office, stimulating activity, cooperation and interaction, not to mention the design tasks that they allow to solve. ⠀

💼 Between the office partition. ⠀

This term refers to partitions separating adjacent office space. ⠀
As one of the main solutions, it is full of possibilities - a multifunctional wall. This is a system of modular partitions with holes and guides that allow you to install interchangeable elements in the right place: shelves, console for monitors, electrical outlets, etc. An electrical wiring may pass inside the partition. This solution provides the most efficient use of space, provides a person with the opportunity to create an individual atmosphere of the workplace, and, in combination with a mobile table, allows for a variety of room layouts.

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