Restaurant concept

So, you decided to open a restaurant. ⠀

Opening a restaurant is a very troublesome and responsible business. The main starting point in opening a restaurant, if you have already decided on the amount of investment, can be either the concept of the future restaurant, or the room for which the concept is subsequently developed. Either restaurant professionals who develop a restaurant chain or restaurateurs with certain preferences usually start with a concept. If you are a beginner in the restaurant business, and you have no preferences, then you can start with the premises and a very general idea. ⠀

🏟 Room selection ⠀

Real estate companies can help with the issue of finding a room, however, only a professional restaurateur can assess the prospects of a found room for organizing a restaurant in it. The specialist will also tell you how you can change the concept so that it is suitable for this particular place, how you can change the layout, etc. ⠀

⚠ Often, realtors offer former restaurants that have closed for one reason or another. There is a certain risk here. For example, if there was a restaurant with a low quality of service at this place, you will have to make a lot of efforts to change the prejudice of potential visitors to the new restaurant. But this applies only to beginners and little-known catering enterprises. Such promoted brands, such as McDonald's, Rostik's, Sbarro, always have winning positions. As a rule, when choosing the location of the food court, preference is given to the central areas of large cities or places of large crowds (railway or airport terminals). But now there has been a tendency to organize food courts in shopping centers and complexes. The rental of premises in them varies from 700-800 to 2000 dollars per square meter per year - depending on the location of the building and the size of the catering enterprise itself. ⠀

📊 Location analysis includes: ⠀

▪ Patency analysis; ⠀
▪ Exploring the immediate environment (offices, shops, recreation areas, cultural and entertainment facilities, other restaurants); ⠀

Continued in next post ... ⠀

Designing a restaurant. Part 2

Restaurant idea and concept ⠀

We very often hear such concepts as the idea of a restaurant, the concept of a restaurant, the theme of a restaurant. As practice shows, very few people imagine what this really means. Or, in any case, there are many interpretations. What is the main idea of a restaurant is more or less clear, however, the restaurant concept is the key in the series of the above concepts. And it is with this that most misunderstandings arise. ⠀

🔮 Very often, the concept is understood as the idea of a restaurant. For example, a client comes and says that he wants to make a Latin American restaurant. This is an idea. Or, for example, what is called an “ordinary European restaurant”. This is also an idea. But not a concept. From the idea to building a competent concept is still far away. The concept reveals the restaurant idea, describes all the components of the restaurant’s activities, in fact it is the most detailed technical task for the development of technological chains, design solutions, brand, positioning strategies, menus, marketing and advertising programs to attract and retain customers and other components of the activity. ⠀

📝 The concept of the restaurant must be formulated in writing. This is a fairly voluminous, multi-page document based on marketing research data. Marketing research as an independent objective source confirms or refutes the relevance of the existing idea of a restaurant in a particular place at a specific time, in a particular price segment. Determine the contingent (segments) of visitors who can be attracted to a restaurant as part of an existing idea; check the correspondence of the ideas of the authors of the idea and potential visitors. Thus, a detailed development of the restaurant concept should be preceded by marketing research. ⠀

🤔 Many future restaurant owners do not want to pay for marketing research, but then you need to be prepared to rely on your taste. And at your own peril and risk. ⠀

💼 Or trust the restaurant building professionals. ⠀