Стиль освещения магазина.

Lighting style. Part 2

Halogen systems are optimal for perfume stores, where one of the main problems is the excess heat generated by light sources, which negatively affects cosmetics and perfumes. Using systems on busbars with the possibility of several switching groups, it is possible to limit the temperature in various areas of the store without affecting the overall lighting. ⠀

🎚 Now there is a new solution to the problem of excess heat - LED light sources. They have sufficient brightness, are compact, economical and practically do not radiate heat. With the correct design of signage lighting systems, they look quite harmonious during the day. ⠀

🔅 To illuminate the windows, it is customary to follow the basic rule - the window must be bright and attract attention. To achieve this goal, the use of metal halide lamps is optimal. But there are some nuances:
1⃣ Firstly, the showcase serves to demonstrate the goods in the store, but not the light source, therefore, the more compact the lamps, the better. To do this, it is advisable to use recessed fixtures with the ability to control the lamp in the plane.
2⃣ Secondly, the light of shop windows should attract buyers, but at the same time shop visitors should not feel discomfort from excessively bright light. Light sources with curtains eliminate the blinding effect and form an optimal light pattern.

Systems with different switching groups allow you to vary the lighting of shop windows day and night, which significantly reduces energy costs and extends the life of the main light sources. ⠀
✨ So, it is important to be creative in lighting various retail premises. Of course, it is preferable to use various types of lamps in the complex. Although, unfortunately, improving the reliability and efficiency of lighting technology leads to its cost increase. That is why today in most cases, consumers are trying to find a compromise between price and product quality.


Освещение в магазине

Store space zoning

The main thing about lighting in the store ⠀

The most important task of trading is to make the value of goods apparent. The implementation of this task begins with the presentation of the goods to the buyer. ⠀

🗣 Charles Tiffany: “Ultimately, gentlemen, success depends on how you present your product.” ⠀
⠀ ⠀
🕎 Professional lighting is one of the most important details in the design of retail premises. It should not only create a comfortable atmosphere in the store, but also stimulate sales. ⠀
⠀ ⠀
🔋 Properly selected trading equipment, efficient window dressing and competent lighting of the trading floor create a qualitatively new look of the store and attract buyers to it. The choice of lighting systems is dictated by the specifics of retail spaces. The logic in this case is obvious: when covering large areas, the criteria for energy conservation prevail over the design. ⠀

🏷 In chamber retail premises: boutiques, galleries, salons, branded shops - elaboration of the concept of lighting as a design element becomes more relevant, since here the element of interior individuality and the atmosphere of the room are of priority. At the same time, the design of the lamps, as well as other interior elements, should still remain minimalist and not distract the attention of the visitor. ⠀
⠀ ⠀
💢 Maintenance of large retail areas is quite expensive, so the best solution is luminescent lamps built into the suspended ceiling. They have a longer service life, they are more economical and cheaper. They are ideal for large supermarkets, supermarkets. Naturally, the owners of stores designed for the mass buyer do not need to stand out from their peers in any way, other factors work here to attract the consumer - low price, wide assortment, etc. - and the buyer is attracted by a bright halogen light shop windows, and a price that is much lower than others. других

Стиль освещения магазина⠀

Store Lighting Style

Shop lighting style. ⠀
(pictured shop ⠀
Adidas) ⠀

In stores that demonstrate a high level of service and sales, a special approach to lighting. A well-designed lighting system with a single stylistic solution fulfills its functional purpose and at the same time serves as an element of corporate identity, a distinctive feature of interior design. ⠀

🛍 For shopping areas such as department stores, expensive supermarkets and company stores, the best option for lighting systems is busbar designs that provide not only the correct distribution of light in the room, but also the ability to vary light accents along with changes in the exposure of the product. At the same time, high-voltage busbars provide for an almost unlimited number of lamps. For small shops, the optimal solution is busbar systems combined with local counter lighting. ⠀
⠀ ⠀ 💎 As for the light itself, halogen lamps allow you to vary the spectrum from warm to cold. In general, all light schemes are selected taking into account the specifics of the store, for example, jewelry looks more effective in cold light (with a color temperature of 6000 K), which can be arranged using halogen or metal halide lamps with various reflectors. However, such lighting is contraindicated in the fitting room of a clothing store - otherwise the face of the buyer will acquire an original bluish tint, warmer tones are appropriate here. ⠀

💡 Since we are talking about particulars, we cannot but mention that for different types of stores, with the general concept of using halogen light, the capabilities of each specific design of the lighting system can be used. For jewelry stores, systems with pendant lights are convenient, which include adjusting the height of the lamp for local illumination so that the buyer can better see the product. These systems are also suitable for clothing stores, where the exposure is constantly changing and the placement of light-semantic accents is necessary. ⠀

To be continued:) ⠀

Освещение в офисе

Office lighting

In the design of modern offices, they practically abandoned central lighting in favor of local lighting. ⠀
The working area of the room can be quite large. The layout of the office space can be different, therefore, an important rule for the placement of employees must be followed ⠀
- they should be no further than four meters from the windows. This is not always possible. So in the interior design of the office should be properly configured artificial lighting. Usually this is a multi-level system involving the use of lamps of varying degrees of intensity. ⠀
⚙ There are certain nuances in organizing an office space. Never direct a stream of bright light directly at the worker. This will affect both his health and the psycho-emotional mood. A completely different effect gives bright lighting directly on the work surface. This serves as an incentive to concentrated work. By and large, bright office lighting is required for paperwork. For someone sitting at the computer, it will be completely superfluous. It is better to equip a soft light. ⠀
🔅 For example, to illuminate the area of the working surface, you can use a table lamp, directional lights, office floor lamps of a special design. Priority and lighting of furniture in the office. For its organization, both spotlights and LED strips are suitable. ⠀
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Оригинальное освещение

Original site lighting

Original site lighting. Handmade.

Prices for garden lights may make some doubt the need for decorative lighting of the site. But turning on your imagination and finding some free time you can use materials at hand and create original fixtures with your own hands. Here are just a few options. ⠀
🍾 Lamps from glass bottles ⠀
1⃣ The simplest option: put a Christmas garland in a bottle of an interesting shape. If you take a battery-powered garland, you can use an impromptu lamp away from the outlet. Instead of a garland, you can use a flashlight inserted in the neck, and fill the bottle with beads or transparent reflective beads ⠀
2⃣ At the bottom of glass jars you can pour sand, pebbles, colored stones and put candles. Outside, the jar can be decorated with rope, fabric, lace, etc. ⠀
3⃣ A shade from a glass bottle of an unusual shape or color is made by cutting the bottom. This is not difficult: you need to tie the bottle with thread soaked in kerosene at the level where you want to make the cut, and pour cold water into the bottle to the same level. It remains to set the rope on fire, taking care of its own safety - the cut will be even, but if desired, it can be polished a little. Now it’s small: fill the bottle with an electric cord, connect the cartridge and screw in the bulb ⠀
4⃣ The inner surface of the cans can be painted with fluorescent paints, making spots of different shapes and sizes. In the evening, a composition of several cans will look very original. ⠀
💡 About other cool ways in the next posts! ⠀
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Автоматизация освещения

Automation of turning on and off country lamps

⠀🤔 You should think about how the lights on the site will be turned on and off, agreed upon? It will be simple and even pleasant for someone to independently carry out the on / off procedure every day, but with a large area of the site, and the countryside you are not only in good weather, this regular activity can turn into a real problem. As a solution - automation of the lighting system, and there are several options for implementing this story: ⠀
⠀ ⠀
💢 Twilight relay control. ⠀
It will turn on the lighting when the sensor installed on the site “realizes” the onset of twilight, and turn it off at dawn. The sensor is mounted in any convenient place on the territory, the relay is installed in the electrical panel ⠀
⠀ ⠀
💢 Control using an astronomical relay. In this case, an additional sensor is not needed - you only need to adjust the coordinates of the area once, and thanks to the built-in microprocessor, the time of sunset and sunrise at a certain time of the year will be calculated. You can additionally configure not to turn on the light when there is no one on the site. ⠀
⠀ ⠀
💢 Operation with a time relay. A simple and not very functional option. It only configures the time after which the light will be turned off after it is manually turned on. Suitable for those areas where there are few light sources. Suppose a relay is configured, according to which after 5 minutes the light must be turned off. The owner of the site, arriving in the evening at the cottage and turning on the lighting near the gate manually, may not return to turn it off - the light itself will turn off after a specified time. ⠀

⭕ In addition, at least one of all the lamps in the country should be equipped with a motion sensor. When someone passes within the range of the sensor, the light will turn on. This is very convenient if you tend to come to the cottage in the evening - no flashlights and matches are needed. In addition, it is an additional protection against intruders.