Офисные перегородки

Frame and collapsible partitions

Frame and collapsible (modular) partitions. ⠀

A typical office frame partition consists of metal racks lined with plasterboard sheets on both sides. The space between the sheets can be filled in different ways to give the partition some properties. They are cheaper than modular ones and comply with Russian fire safety requirements. A collapsible, or modular, partition consists of light elements and can be disassembled and moved to another place without any damage to the structures and decoration of the premises. These partitions, as a rule, have their own lining, which does not require additional decoration, and needs only periodic cleaning, like all surfaces of the room. ⠀

Modular partitions are usually erected between a clean floor and a false ceiling. This means that if it is necessary to increase the sound insulation of the premises, additional measures should be taken, for example, the installation of a plasterboard partition in the ceiling space through which sound can easily spread. ⠀

🚧 One of the varieties of modular partitions are sliding, or transformable, partitions, which are designed to frequently change the layout of a room, such as meeting rooms or multi-purpose rooms. ⠀

⛓ There are many design solutions for sliding partitions. When choosing a particular partition, some of their features should be taken into account. In all cases, it is necessary to provide for the zones of module placement in the folded state. It can be just an extra width of the room or a special niche, even the ceiling space is sometimes used for this purpose. One type of partition requires a guide rail in the floor, which may be unacceptable from an aesthetic and functional point of view. There is also a solution when the partition is suspended from the upper rail, which helps maintain the continuity of the floor surface. However, such a solution is more expensive due to the appearance of complex junctions that provide the necessary level of sound insulation. ⠀


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